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20 cancer-fighting foods to eat all summer

A healthy, balanced diet is key, experts say, but these foods may have an extra punch.

Leafy greens: Deep green leafy vegetables are packed with lutein, vitamin A and folate, nutrients that may help prevent colon and ovarian cancer.

* Spinach
* Kale
* Collard greens
* Arugula
* Dandelion greens

Curry: Yellow curry contains cur-cumin, a pungent spice that may help prevent melanoma and other types of cancer cells from proliferating.

Cruciferous veggies: These contain phytochemicals that may cut the risk of stomach, breast and skin cancers.

* Broccoli
* Broccoli sprouts
* Cabbage
* Bok choy
* Cauliflower
* Watercress
* Swiss chard

Berries: These fruits contain antioxidants such as polyphenols, which counteract and repair cell damage.

* Blueberries
* Blackberries
* Raspberries
* Strawberries
* Cranberries
* Red grapes

Tomatoes: Studies suggest that having a tomato-rich diet may help lower the risk of developing both lung and stomach cancer.


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