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Liver Dumplings


* 1/2 lb Calf's liver
* 1 Hard roll OR
* 1 large slice Italian bread
* 1 tbsp Butter
* 1 Egg
* 1 cup Breadcrumbs
* Chopped fresh parsley
* Salt & pepper to taste

For: 6 servings



Cut liver into chunks and place into blender until all meat has been pureed. Soak the roll or bread in water until soft, squeeze out the surplus moisture and finely mince or grate. Cream the butter with the other ingredients, finally adding sufficient breadcrumbs to make the mixture firm enough to be formed into small dumplings (less than an inch in diameter).

If the dumplings are to served with stew or soup, simmer in this for 5 minutes. They may also be cooked in stock and served with meat and gravy.




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